why new year's resolutions don't work


A New Perspective on New Year's Resolutions
by Stephanie Romero

Lately I have felt bombarded by weight loss commercials. The latest and greatest fad diet screams out at us. We are about to embark on a new year and so the marketing industry is focused on getting our attention. This is our chance to start againóto try that new diet, to finally start an exercise routine. They appeal to our senses of having a fresh clean slate before us. 

However, the truth is that January 1st isnít some magical day that will kick start anything different in our lives. If we have the spent the past 12 months eating unhealthy or not exercising, there is nothing about the 1st of the New Year that is going to change that. However, we are tricked into believing it will.

The same holds true for anything in life you might want to change. Some typical ďNew Yearís ResolutionsĒ are about changing habits, resolving relationship issues or becoming a better person in some way. We create these lists and think that somehow we are now going to be able to go down the list, checking off each one as it is accomplished.

If only life worked that easily! But it doesnít. A list will not create change in your life. Resolving to change things wonít make a difference. New Yearís Resolutions are nothing more than disappointing lists that we start all over again the following year.

I think as believers we need to have a different perspective about the New Year. Sure, there is something hopeful about starting a new year again, especially if you have just experienced a very difficult one. You hold out hope that this year is going to be different. Thatís okay. We are supposed to have hope. However, what are we placing our hope in? New Yearís Resolutions are based on changes that we make. But the truth is that we can do nothing on our own. We need more than a list to see change in our lives; we need the help of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Any change in my life that I have ever made on my own has not lasted. It has only been with the help of the Lord that lasting changes have taken place. I think a new way of looking forward to the New Year is to sit down with your Bible in hand, a notebook and a pen and spend time first seeking God. What is He saying to you? What does He want to see happen in this next year? You might have one idea but He may have something else entirely different. 

Jotting down thoughts, insights, goals, those types of things can be helpful. But putting your hope in a list of resolutions is only going to bring disappointment. When we bring before the Lord those things that He knows we are ready to work on, we will find success. Any other way and we will simply be walking around the same mountain again and again. 

I donít want to be a desert wanderer. I want to walk as the Israelites did when a cloud covered them by day and fire by night. That was a symbol of Godís presence being with them. They were not wandering alone in the desert. They had the protective covering of God. 

Donít fall into the trap of believing that a desire to do something will make it happen. Desire doesnít create change. It takes action but it also takes the Lordís help. Spend time seeking His will for your life. He definitely has a purpose and a plan for you in the year 2010. Let Him reveal what it is.

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why new year's resolutions don't work


why new year's resolutions don't work